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Banbury Blues Festival

J.C. is an amazingly talented musician and plays various guitars, mandolin and harp. He has a wide range of influences (Country, jazz, blues, etc.) but has his own distinctive sound and writes some really haunting songs of his own.

Personal favourites include Honey Man and Show Some Kindness, both of which featured here. Despite the competition elsewhere in the building, the room was packed and the audience went away happy. As an acoustic duo, J.C. (and Angelina) are unmatched.

Max Haymes


Manx Blues Festival

J.C. Grimshaw is both a fine songwriter and instrumentalist. His playing on various guitars, slide and mandolin is fired by such diverse influences as Blind Willie McTell and Django Reinhardt.

He is simply a delight to hear.

Dave Wade


Rye Festival

J.C. comes into his own on ukulele (resophonic) and proves he has to be the best exponent of hula slide this side of the Atlantic. His outstanding displays of virtuoso playing elicit a fantastic response from the audience.

Michael Prince


Quay Arts Centre

J.C. and the Supernumeraries

A self-taught genius of guitar, mandolin, harmonica and Ukelele, it is with good reason that JC Grimshaw is a familiar face on the Island music scene. His exceptional musicianship and unique vision captivate audiences and have won him international renown.

R. Day